Blairsville Georgia is considered one of the state’s most scenic cities. It is located on the northeast border of Georgia in the Blue Ridge Mountains. This town is only minutes from the Chattahoochee National Forest and is considered a natural scenic wonder. Located in Union County, you will find some of Georgia’s best mountain scenes with its peaceful green valleys and crystal clear lakes. Beautiful waterfalls provide a serene backdrop for this sleepy little town.

Blairsville has a population of approximately 700 (the whole county’s population is only around 19,000.) It is one of the oldest towns in Georgia and was founded in 1835. The town was named for Francis Preston Blair, Sr., editor of the Washington Globe. Blairsville is the only incorporated community in Union County and its’ historic courthouse is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Nearby recreational areas offer camping, hiking, boating, fishing, swimming, hunting, horseback riding, and just good old relaxing. Blairsville is home to many attractions including its share of attractive antique and craft shops. You will enjoy the not so hectic pace of living experienced by the town locals and will be impressed with their genuine hospitality and sincere generosity. Blairsville invites you to relax and enjoy all nature has to offer. Remember, as a four-season vacation community, you can enjoy the change of seasons with the community, from the snows of winter to the colorful bloom of wildflowers in the spring, to the endless shades of green in summer to the brilliant shades of red and gold in fall. October fest celebrations will surely capture your hearts. Enjoy Blairsville’s wonders and see what nature has brought to its footsteps.

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